About Us

TALBRO group was established by Mr.Y.P. Talwar in the year 1939.

Brand TALBRO has its roots in family name Talwar Brothers and is now managed by the third generation. We ensure to remain competent partner and all our customers can totally rely upon us. We the Talwar Brothers take over founder and his principles as our guiding spirit and take pride in looking back to our traditions.

TALBRO was established as a division of KKK Bearing group and now enjoys formidable reputation globally as a high quality spanner manufacturer.

A family managed enterprise – Talbro possesses standard factory building spread over area of 70000 sq. meters. First class production line – numerous SPM for surface finishing – automatic heat treatment plant – galvanisation facilities to chrome plate tools as well as phosphatising unit, precision quality control & inspection instruments – all round computer aided design system. It has more than 700 workers, engineers, technicians and is equipped with facilities to design and make non-standard spanners to meet special demand. Talbro implements management system of ISO:9001 with installed capacity to produce 15 million tools per annum.

This stems from the success of teams of researchers, design & production engineers, market analyst and quality exports committed to innovation process.

Talbro produces largest spanner size SW135 mm and specializes in producing vast range in spanners, slogging wrenches, hammers, combination pliers, adjustable wrenches, pipe wrenches, wheel nut wrenches, tyre levers, tubular spanners, tubular bolt cutters etc.

DIN is good but …….

Talbro produces spanners which mostly exceeds the requirements of DIN 899 – 475 ISO:1085 and  3318 with following salient features:

  • Forged from high grade of 31 CrV3 chrome vanadium steel, strict quality control during each stage of production ensures the quality as per IS:2028, IS:2029, DIN 3110-3113-838-3113A-837-894-895-7444-133, IS:4003 part-1/ B. S 3594.1
  • Private Label – With our ample private logo marking capacity, today several manufacturers and blue chip companies get their tools prepared from us in the private logo and packaging, an indication that TALBRO is a dependable partner.
  • CAM modified design enables thinness of jaw for optimal accessibility, precision engineering and heat treatment under exclusion of oxygen for high strength & fine micro structure.
  • Tight tolerances in sizes, high finish streamlined improve manoeuvrability and user comfort.
  • Angled at 15˚ for comfortable work in tight area.
  • Good grip of the spanners due to its ergonomics and non shaping body.
  • Jaws are machined by broaching – a technology that allows precise dimensions with smooth surface.
  • Box ends with its double hex designs – the special wave profile to protect the fastener angle. This high performance design allows the spanner to contact the fastener away from the corners while also dispersing stress over a larger area and successfully works even on 50% rounded fasteners.

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